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About Global Surgery Amsterdam

Global Surgery Amsterdam (GSA) is a non-governmental organisation with its office based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our Vision

A world where Universal Access to essential surgical care is safe, affordable, and available to all people, on demand, regardless of their personal circumstance.

Our Mission

Improve access to essential surgical care around the world by pursuing research, education and training, and the development of technology.

Our Work

GSA aims to unite medical specialists, residents, global health doctors and students to perform research on global surgery and to involve and empower local colleagues and stakeholders in surgery related research projects.

We organise teaching activities on global surgery for students in high-, low- and middle income countries and provide preparation courses on global surgery for students doctors and or specialists going abroad for exchanges.

We aim to support, improve and critically review the role of surgical missions in low- and middle income countries with four goals in mind:

  • From aid to shared investments in a shared future;
  • From charitable missions to sustainable partnerships;
  • From vertical programs to horizontal implementation;
  • From teaching to mutual learning and innovation.

We organize virtual event platforms and in-person events focused on global surgery in collaboration with local and international partners. And we also set up collaborations with relevant partners in global surgery and advocate for sustainable partnerships between hospitals and institutions worldwide.

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