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Global Surgery Amsterdam invites you for the symposium:

One World, One Standard of Care
Improving Skills in Global Surgery
Friday Sept 28, 1230-1900
Optional: 1900 dinner
Venue lab 111, Amsterdam The Netherlands

 Five billion people worldwide lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed.  Global Surgery Amsterdam is a platform that aims to improve global surgical care by research and training projects.

By participating in this symposium, you will gain insight into several aspects of global surgery. We will discuss the potential roles for individuals and organizations to improve surgical care in low resource settings. During this symposium we focus on  training, both on the job (e.g. surgical missions, trainings programs) and off the job ( assisted learning, simulations).

The symposium will be organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Society for International Surgery (NSIS), InciSioN NL, and Doctors of the World.

What can you expect?

The venue Lab111 is a beautiful building - and former city hospital - in the centre of Amsterdam. After a common opening of the symposium on what happened after the WHO resolution on surgery in 2015 we continue with a lecture on ‘national surgical plans’ that are currently being written and implemented in several countries. We will discuss the global surgery goals the Amsterdam Skills Centre and we are proud to announce that Runa Khan from Friendship will present her ideas about the need and opportunities for surgical training in Bangladesh.

There will be three interactive sessions in a carrousel construction. Every session will be attended by everyone!

1. Off the job training: New training tools (TouchSurgery, Incision, MLX, ASC)
2. On the job training: Strategies during reconstructive surgery missions
3. ‘Personal stories’ Personal experiences from doctors working in low resources settings.

The symposium is closed with an informal common dinner; the ideal occasion  to get to know each other.

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We hope to see you the 28th of September!

The symposium committee