New Faculty Member

New Faculty Member

Global Surgery Amsterdam is proud to welcome Schelto Kruijff as a new Faculty Member. Schelto Kruijff, MD PhD is a surgical Oncologist at University Medical Center Groningen.

He is the lead on a thyroid cancer research project, chair of the Surgical Oncology Summer School, holds a board position at the Dutch Society for Surgical Oncology with a focus on education and training and is a well appreciated columnist at ‘Medisch Contact’. Besides his work in the Netherlands, Schelto developed a keen interest in global health and tropical medicine, originating from his time spend as a young medical graduate in Malawi. He has a clear understanding of the inequity to surgical care in low and lower middle income countries (LLMICs) as demonstrated by his national and international publications on quality of life for oncologic patients in a remote setting. Furthermore, he has publicly questioned the limited contribution of short-term medical missions in LLMICs after his latest visit to Migori, Kenya - where he joined as a surgeon to support an internal aid organization.

Upon his most recent return to Malawi, Schelto was torn by the increased number of patients with late stage oncological conditions presented at the rural clinic he knows so well. This feeling of sorrow was further reinforced when he realized that even the most basic surgically related interventions were not performed due to limited experience and knowledge. In line with the yearly organized Surgical Oncology Summer School in Groningen, Schelto wants to organize similar educational projects on locations in sub-sahara Africa. Schelto understands the need to train more cancer professionals and provide the necessary infrastructure, which is urgently required to identify and treat patients in their local setting. He has the experience, enthusiasm, and knowhow to motivate and train local surgeons and medical students in LLMICs on the basic principles of surgical oncology.

Collaborative research projects on cancer in subsaharian Africa are increasingly needed, and this needs the commitment of governments, non-governmental organizations and research institutes like Global Surgery Amsterdam (GSA). In collaboration with local stakeholders in LLMICs, GSA wants to collaborate with medical professionals like Schelto to set up research projects, organize international surgical oncology workshops and develop locally accepted state of the art teaching material on surgical oncology. Global Surgery Amsterdam is very proud to have Schelto on board and we are looking forward to a fruitful, interesting and lasting collaboration.