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Evaluation of effectiveness of surgical missions of NGOs

The aim of this study is to evaluate reconstructive surgical missions of the largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide. This studies will be a collaborative study, working together with the largest non-governmental organizations. Included are NGOs that focus on reconstructive surgery, for instance cleft lip and palate, noma or contracture release surgery. The mission characteristics, evaluation and monitoring processes and training activities are reviewed. Goal of the study is to provide insight in missions, improve its transparency and stimulate collaboration between NGOs.

Reconstructive surgical missions project

Although the field of short term medical missions is growing, medical literature lags behind, with nearly all of the publications lacking quantitative data collection. Little by little data collection is being implemented into missions but there is still a wide variety in information being collected and how it is shared. This lack in evidence limits the accountability of medical missions, towards patients and the donors.

In a review study we aim to study the variety in strategies in data collection by comparing their reports, supplemented with questionnaires, to better understand how organizations are reporting about missions, and to be able to point out areas where organizations can learn from each other and improve their data output.