Anne Bloemendaal

BSc, Medical Student

Anne Bloemendaal is a medical student at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. She spent part of her childhood abroad, and as a result has always been interested in working in an international setting. She recently returned from three months working as a volunteer on Mercy Ships in Senegal working in everything from catering to public health!

During her bachelor’s program, she learned about the field of global surgery and immediately knew she wanted to be involved. She joined GSA in September as a student intern during her one year wachtijd (waiting period) until her medical education resumes. She will be a part of the Surgical Teaching and Training team and help to organize courses, develop new materials, and work on several projects in areas such as the care and treatment of burn wounds and open fractures. 

In her free time she likes to stay busy with sports like kickboxing and horseback riding. She also takes time to re-energize by spending time with her friends, family and cats!