Mark-Bram Bouman


Mark-Bram Bouman has had a longstanding specialization in transgender procedures and has been performing gender surgeries since 2003. He is very experienced in performing mastectomy for transgender. He has performed hundreds of mastectomies in the past years. In 2017 he finished his PhD-study solely about vaginoplasty and specifically about Intestinal Vaginoplasty.Together with an advanced laparoscopic surgeon, he introduced the total laparoscopic sigmoid vaginoplasty (no big visible abdominal scars) as a surgical concept. Together they published over 25 papers on this procedure with long term results for primary and secondary procedures and patient satisfaction studies. Besides his work at Gender Surgery Amsterdam he is appointed as plastic reconstructive gender surgeon, Chair department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery and Board member of the Center of Expertise on Genderdysforia at the Amsterdam UMC. Mark-Bram’s main goal is to provide access to the best possible surgical care for every person.