Paul van Zuijlen


Paul van Zuijlen is plastic surgeon and director of the Burn Center of the Red Cross Hospital, Beverwijk, The Netherlands. He is Endowed Professor for Burn Care at the Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands. He studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in 1995. He earned his PhD in 2002 on tissue engineered skin and scar assessment tools. Meanwhile he was trained as a Plastic Surgeon at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk. Prof. van Zuijlen visited many leading burn centers around the world during a fellowship on burn treatment and reconstructive surgery. He has been member of the board of the International Society for Burn Injuries (2012-2016) and is still a member of the guideline committee of the ISBI. The guidelines are also focused on the resource limited countries. He has become a volunteer surgeon for Doctors of the World. His research interests are in tissue engineering, and innovations in reconstructive surgery, burn treatment, scar assessment and global burn care. He initiated and supervises projects on the development of tissue-engineered cartilage for ear and nose reconstruction and tissue-engineered skin for improvement the outcome of wound healing. Much of his research involves experimental studies concerning image analysis of the collagen architecture and vascularization of human skin and scar tissue. Clinical studies are supervised that aim to improve techniques for reconstructive surgery such as the use of perforator-based flaps, skin stretching and fat grafting. He is developer of the POSAS (Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale).