Schelto Kruijff


Schelto Kruiff is the lead on a thyroid cancer research project, chair of the Surgical Oncology Summer School, holds a board position at the Dutch Society for Surgical Oncology with a focus on education and training and is a well appreciated columnist at ‘Medisch Contact’. Besides his work in the Netherlands, Schelto developed a keen interest in global health and tropical medicine, originating from his time spent s a young medical graduate in Malawi. He has a clear understanding of the inequity to surgical care in low and lower middle-income countries (LLMICs) as demonstrated by his national and international publications on quality of life for oncologic patients in a remote setting. Furthermore, he has publicly questioned the limited contribution of short-term medical missions in LLMICs after his latest visit to Migori, Kenya – where he joined as a surgeon to support an internal aid organization.