Lower Extremity Fractures

Lower extremity fractures: access to care and outcome of treatment in rural sub-Saharan Africa

Five billion people worldwide have no access to safe surgical and anesthetic care. This unmet need is highest in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Trauma accounts for a major part of the surgical burden. In Tanzania, the research on trauma is limited. The majority of the research that is done is conducted in the urban areas, which does not represent the health care accessible and provided for the majority of the population.

“In Haydom Lutheran Hospital many patients with fractures of the lower extremities are treated. Little is known about the outcome of the treatment they receive and the disability resulting from fractures, both short and long term.”

This study is unique in evaluating access to trauma care and outcome of treatment for patients who suffer a fracture in a rural area of Tanzania. It is a collaboration between Haydom Lutheran Hospital and Global Surgery Amsterdam, a collaboration between a team of Tanzanian doctors and a team of Dutch Global Health doctors and trauma care specialists. Together we hope to improve health care in an area where it is most needed.

Current activities

Final preparations for this research project are done. Ethical clearance will be expected soon. Start of patient inclusion is expected Q3 2019.

Main reseachers:

  • Grayson S. Mtui, M.D.
  • Anneloes Eleveld, M.D