Jurre van Kesteren

Founder, MD, PhD Candidate

As a Global Health Doctor, Jurre had the opportunity to work at Masanga Hospital in Sierra Leone, where he provided hands-on clinical work, trained within a task-sharing surgical training program (CapaCare) and lead the Masanga Ebola response during the West Africa Ebola epidemic. He also had a lot of time to reflect on the differences in the setting that he was confronted with every day, where his local colleagues did not have access to the same opportunities and resources that he did back in the Netherlands. He has been applying

One of the biggest advantages that he saw in the Netherlands was access was the technological advantage in the Netherlands. Together with colleagues from Scandinavia he has set up a research project to evaluate the use of video learning in a surgical training program in Sierra Leone.

Jurre is finishing his training as a gastrointestinal surgeon at Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands. His global surgery initiatives lead to a board position within the Netherlands Society of International Surgery and he is one of the cofounders of Global Surgery Amsterdam. GSA provides the opportunity to combine his current clinical work in the Netherlands with his work in Sierra Leone, using technology to close the gap in access to safe surgical care.

Jurre does not like commuting by bike in the rain but really enjoys road cycling in good weather, as well as long skating trips on the coldest days of the year. In addition, he enjoys swimming in the IJ in Amsterdam and uses his scarce free time to spend as much time in nature as possible.