Eva Alkemade

BSc, Medical Student

Eva Alkemade is a masters student studying at the University of Amsterdam to become a medical doctor. During a gap year before her clinical rotations began, she decided to dedicate one day a week to something in the field of medicine that she was passionate about – global surgery. Lectures on surgery and tropical medicine had always captured her interest, but the presentation by GSA stood out because it was different from everything else she had heard before. They were looking towards long lasting solutions, and doing so by working together with local personnel.

Eva connected with this approach and decided that she wanted to contribute to the global surgery movement. Eva joined GSA as a member of the Surgical Teaching and Training team, primarily dedicating her time to working on creating surgical courses on the online platform, such as the Basics of Burn Care course in Tanzania and Kampala, as well as courses for Dutch trainees and students.

Besides all the fun times GSA brings, Eva also loves to cook Indonesian or Thai meals in her spare time and spend sunny days exploring Amsterdam by foot. (She is the only GSA member who does not like to bike).